The Circumstance of a Mysterious Loss of Engine Coolant

Just one instance of a difficulty automobile homeowners generally deal with is a secret coolant loss challenge in which in spite of an apparent gradual decline of coolant fluid in excess of time, there are no apparent signals of leakage developing that can be discovered by just wanting more than the engine’s exterior for a leak or for drip stains on the garage ground.

What can make this a dire trouble is that loss of coolant can direct to severe injury to a vehicle’s motor.

In circumstances like this, stress testing is usually completed by connecting a basic force gauge fitted handpump to the radiator or coolant reservoir and then making use of a specific amount of money of strain to the procedure to see if any seen leaks seem from compelled coolant escaping from close to the radiator, hoses or block. Typically a dye will be included to the coolant that can make acquiring leaks simpler through the use of a black mild lamp on the lookout for a telltale green-fluorescent colour.

According to a recent FordTechMaculoco YouTube channel episode—irrespective of what year your Ford product is—if it has a 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine in it, it is matter to these kinds of hidden coolant use complications which could be because of to leakage into the cylinder or cracks in the block.

As a demonstration of this common trouble, the host offers a 2014 Ford Escape with a 1.6L EcoBoost motor in his garage with the reminder that whether it is a 1.5-, 1.6-, 2.- or 2.3-liter motor—they all share this similar prevalent challenge. In this particular situation, the challenge started off right after only 50,000 miles on the odometer!

Comply with along with the host as you will discover how to discover a concealed secret leak and figure out the bring about of the problem so that you will know if you are looking at a fairly cheap repair or a pretty pricey maintenance to remedy this problem—an important talent to include to your arsenal the next time a tech with a clipboard comes to you with a pricey prognosis of your auto.

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Beware of Ford’s 1.5L 1.6L 2.0L EcoBoost Engines and Their In no way-Ending Coolant Usage Challenges! at?v=ontf6Ev9o5s

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